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This is a specialized two days Nephrology course dealing with the topic of acute kidney injury. Our aim is that by the end of this course, attendants should know a good idea about etiology, pathogenesis, clinical presentation, complications and treatment of various types of AKI. This will be done through a number of theoretical lectures and clinical applications through clinical cases and case scenarios related to lecture topics. We are targeting young nephrologists trying to cover as a much as we can from far Egyptian governorates in addition to Cairo and its surroundings. The program will be covered by a number of elegant speakers mainly from Cairo University staff in addition to great Egyptian universities and institutes. The course is endorsed scientifically by ERA-EDTA and we are honored to share in this well known and elite scientific society's mission of promotion of education. Hoping this course to meet our goals and to cover your scientific expectations


                               Prof. Yasser Abdelhamid

                                       Course Director