Medical Services


1-    Physical Examination, follow up of patients with diabetes, endocrinal disease, obesity, underweight. All data are recorded in a separate file for each patient.

2-    Blood samples withdrawal for glucose, hormones, minerals…

3-    Rapid measuring of BG by glucometers

4-     Offering patients their drugs

5-    PATIENT EDUCATION through:


Nutritional specialists

Patients’ booklet

Wall posters

LCD Shows

Educational Lectures

a.    Medications use (oral or insulin injection).

b.    Signs of hypo or hyperglycemia

c.     Nutritional & weight management advice

d.    Foot care.


DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS: (inpatients are for free while outpatients for economic  price)

1-    ECG

2-    Sonography: abdomen, small parts (e.g neck, FNA of thyroid nodules).

3-    Vascular Laboratory: Venous and arterial  Duplex, echocardiography, microvascular studies(nail fold capilloroscopy, laser Doppler).

4-    Bone Mineral Density (out of function) & Body Composition device.

5-    Dynamic Hormonal Studies( Growth hormone, ACTH stimulation test..)


Average Monthly Number of Medical Services Users:
Diabetes        1000

Endocrine      400-500 

Abdominal ultrasound: 12- 20

Small part ultrasound (neck): 45- 70