About Us


Diabetes clinic was established in 1964  by professor  Hassen Abou Khatwa,  at the time of Prof. Abdel Aziz Sami  the Dean of the faculty and Prof Mansour Fayez the Head of Internal Medicine Department. The clinic was constructed to provide medical services to patients with diabetes and endocrinal diseases for free.

EX-Heads of the Subspecialty:

Prof .Hassen Abou Khatwa

Prof.  Mohamed Abdel Razek Gaafar

Prof .Mohamed Hosni Shaheen

Prof .Abdel Kawi Hammad

Prof .Soliman Nasr

Prof .Rawia Khater

Prof .Salah Al Ghazali

Prof .Mohamed Sheta

Prof .Ibtesam Zakaria

 In the last decade the clinic showed evolutional change to be Diabetes, Endocrine, Medical Nutrition and Metabolism Center as one of  the sub-specialties in the Internal Medicine Department. Other services were added: sonography (abdomen, small parts, heart), vascular duplex and other tools for microvascular researches, bone density and body composition. Dynamic hormonal tests (GH, Cortisol, ACTH stimulation tests).  A  Master Degree in Diabetes, Endocrine, Medical Nutrition and Metabolism has been offered since 2012 by our Faculty Staff. Postgraduate Diploma of Diabetes for Cardiff university since 2013.         

Staff Members:

Faculty staff Members in the internal medicine department.

-         Professors


-         Assistant professors


-         Lecturers


-         Assistant lecturers


El Manial University Hospital Specialists & Fellows (Alphabetical)

Abeer Al Lakani

Ahmed Abdel Kawi

Hesham Abou Shadi

Mohamed Hani

Naglaa Abdel Kawi

Sameh Heba Allah

Nutrition Specialists:

-         Samah Ahmed

-         Samer Hamed Ali


Laboratory Technicians



Description of the Center:

-         Four Clinics.

-         Blood Samples withdrawal Room

-         Two waiting Areas (Educational wall posters and LCD shows).

-         A Conference Hall (Data show): (Scientific meetings, post graduate lectures and thesis discussion, clinical rounds for undergraduate students, educational lectures for patients).

-         Drug offering Room

-         Archive Room

-         Sonography Room (abdomen & Small Parts)  (Faculty staff members for outpatients, inpatients, medical research)

-         Nutrition Specialists Room .

-         Head of the Center Office

-         Vascular Laboratory (Faculty staff members for outpatients, inpatients, medical research).

-         Laboratory (Deep Freeze, Fridge, Hormonal measuring device (not working),  photocopying machine, one bed).

-         Bone Density Device (DEXA) (out of function)  & Body Composition Device (patients & medical research)