Internal medicine department is one of 31 departments included in the Faculty of Medicine-Cairo University. It provides many educational, patient care and research related services. These activities are carried out by a community formed of 144    professors, 58 assistant professors, 51 lecturers, 85 assistant lecturers, 25 demonstrators and 44 residents. Structurally the department is formed of ten units sited mainly in Internal Medicine Hospital in addition to kasr Alainy Hospital. Each of these units has its separate staff members and carries out its own activities under the leadership of one of our imminent professors. In addition to working in General medicine, each one is concerned with one of internal medicine subspecialties. All units work under the leadership of the department head who is elected from the most three senior professors. One of these units is specifically concerned with acute medicine; teaching, patient care and research activities. This unit staff members supervise two medical ICU units located one in Internal Medicine Hospital and the other in kasr Alainy Hospital.


·         Undergraduate teaching,  assessment and sharing in the degree permission of M.B.B.Ch for  5th  and 6th years medical students-Cairo University, 6th October University and Malazian students.

·         Post graduate teaching, assessment and degree permission for the master degree and MD of Internal medicine for about 40 students/year in both degrees in addition to newly established subspeciality master degree for hematology and nephrology

Patient Care:

·         Outpatient care:  Is carried out mainly in kasr Alainy Hospital outpatient clinics through 20 General Internal medicine clinics/week ( 2 hours each that are active 6 days/week) and 18 subspeciality clinics that serve a large number of patients ( In 2012 ; 38281 patients were served by general internal medicine clinic).

·         Inpatient care: Admission of our patients is carried out in each of 9 departments mentioned before with a total capacity of 300 beds in Internal Medicine Hospital and 118 beds in kasralainy hospital.

·         Emergency Care:  Our ER is located in Internal Medicine Hospital and is working for 24 hours 7 days/week receiving acute medical cases from all over the country.  By the year of 2012, 24911 patients  were served by our ER . Patients who need  ICU care are admitted in one of two medical ICUs giving required intensive care totally for free through a capacity of total 33 beds that served  1633 patients by the year of 2012. Moreover, our nephrology team gives the service of acute dialysis for emergency cases throughout 24 hours 7days/week working through two units one of which is located in Internal Medicine Hospital and the other in King Fahd Urology and Nephrology Center – kasr Alainy Hospital.

Social Activities:

    Many of our professors shared or are still sharing unique positions in extra-Faculty Egyptian community. For example professor AbdelGalel Mostafa who is one of our famous politicians and was one of members of the fifty committee preparing Egypt’s new                 Constitution, Professor Fouad EL-Nawawy who was the past Minister of Health,  Professor Esmat Sheba who was the past manager of Egyptian membership-Ministry of Health ,Professor Mohamed Hani Hafez who is its current manger and Professor Ibrahim Al –Ebrashi who was the past manager of National Institute of Diabetes.

·         International positions: Also many of our professors have a unique positions in international scientific communities like  Professor Hisham Taraf (head of the department) who is one of Overseas Regional Advisers of Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh –Egypt and an assembly member of the WHO’s Global Initiative in Asthma (GINA) since 2008.


Our Share in Other Departments: 

    Some of our imminent professors had their well-known shares in initiating some of other departments in the Faculty such as Professor Mohamed Abdelrazak who shared in the initiation of Nuclear Medicine Department, Professor Hosam Mowafi who shared the initiation of Critical Care Department and Professor Mohamed Shata who initiated the activities of Family Medicine Department and was the first to occupy the position of The Department Head.